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Finland has a tradition of Tout Rowing, particularly in traditional Church Boats – generally with 14 rowers and a cox. Traditionally Church Boats are fixed seat, but some boats are now made with sliding seats. The boats are sweep oar.


Karelia-Soutu (Karelia Rowing Tour) is the biggest long-distance rowing event in Finland. It has been held annually since 1985, each year attracting over 1000 participants. The course lies through the heart of the North Karelian Lakeland.
There are classes for all kinds of rowers: solo, pairs, families or even teams. These are divided along two separate routes, one for small boats ( 203 km) and the other for traditional Church boats – with a crew of 14 rowers plus cox (146 km). The average speed of the church boats is 9.2 kms per hour.

Rowers may participate as a team or single rowers. There are single rowing places available in the church boats, as well as meal packages. Rowing in the small boats and church boats can be combined. The accommodation is organized; rowers may choose between a summer hotel accommodation or camping on the stop over places. There are also transfers organized by bus.


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